What is PhysAct?

PhysAct is on a mission to better manage stress in the work force, through exercises, education and evidence supported by physiotherapists.

In the fast-paced world we live in, stress related illness has become an unwelcome companion for many individuals. Recognising this, Marcus Eng, founder of PhysAct, embarked on a journey to create a solution that not only targets the physical aspects of health but also addresses the mental toll of stress. As a licensed physiotherapist, Marcus witnessed firsthand how tailored exercise programs along with daily support contributed to overall stress management. This ignited his passion to create PhysAct.

Our Approach to Stress Management

At the core of PhysAct’s philosophy lies the belief that exercise, regardless of its intensity, holds the key to mitigating stress. Marcus Eng’s deep understanding of physiotherapy allowed him to perceive how individualised exercise routines along with support could positively impact both the body and mind.

Unveiling the Solution

So, how does PhysAct bring this philosophy to life?

The process is seamlessly integrated into employees’ lives through the PhysAct iOS or Android app. Once registered, users are swiftly introduced to their personal physiotherapist. This dedicated professional becomes a guide on the journey to improved well-being. Regular check-in calls take place, providing a consistent avenue for progress evaluation. Moreover, the app features a messaging system for quick queries, ensuring that users are never left in the dark.

The cornerstone of PhysAct’s effectiveness is the tailored exercise program that participants receive. This program takes into account their current fitness levels and lifestyles, making it a truly personalised experience. However, PhysAct goes beyond just physical activity – it’s about empowering users with knowledge. Evidence-based education is seamlessly woven into the app, offering users insights into stress management strategies that further enrich their wellness journey.

Empowering Progress, Fostering Connection

Throughout the program, participants are encouraged to provide feedback on exercise difficulty and their overall health. This feedback loop refines the program over time, making it a dynamic and adaptive tool. As the journey progresses, users can track their accomplishments via user-friendly dashboards. These dashboards not only serve as personal motivation but are also accessible to the assigned physiotherapist. This open line of communication ensures that adjustments can be made promptly based on real-time progress.

A Win-Win for Employers

The benefits of PhysAct extend beyond individual users. Employers gain invaluable insights into the well-being of their workforce through anonymous monthly reports. This aggregated data reveals the collective progress of employees and the impact of PhysAct. These insights allow businesses to make informed decisions to support their employees’ overall health and productivity.

To finish, the brainchild of Marcus Eng, PhysAct, represents a transformative approach to stress management that intertwines physical health with mental well-being. By offering tailored exercise programs, evidence-based education, and continuous support, PhysAct has paved the way for individuals to take charge of their stress levels and overall health. Simultaneously, businesses embracing PhysAct stand to foster a workforce that is healthier, happier, and more productive – a true testament to the power of innovative wellness solutions.

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